Porta Finance appoints Adomas Navickas as an Associate Partner

02 October, 2013

Adomas Navickas has been appointed as an Associate Partner at Porta Finance. He has 14 years of experience in advising on mergers and acquisitions in Central and Eastern Europe.

Prior to joining Porta Finance, Adomas has been managing financial advisory boutique Vikado Capital. He has also worked on the region’s mergers and acquisitions while at KBC Securities and Trigon Capital.

“Resumption of the economic growth in the Baltics combined with moderated risks in the financial sector are making companies more confident and able to achieve their objectives through mergers and acquisitions. Adomas’ experience in the Baltics, Poland and Ukraine will not only strengthen the Porta Finance team with another highly qualified professional, but will also help our clients expand to the neighboring markets,” says Julijus Grigaliūnas, partner at Porta Finance.

Further information:
Julijus Grigaliūnas
Partner, Porta Finance
Tel: +370 5 205 3123